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Lisboa is one of the treasures of Portugal and is considered one of the best european cities to live. The City of Lisboa is divided by communities called “bairros”. There are several bairros in Lisboa, we highlight the following:

Alfama is one of the oldest bairro of Lisboa. Remains as an Arabic structure characterized by alleys, courtyards and narrow streets. A peculiarity is the existence of a market where you can find everything very cheap, called “feira da ladra”.

Castelo e Mouraria are near of Alfama. During the month of June, the Popular Saints celebrations, these bairros are filled with music, dancing and food (grilled sardines are the snack of choice). Fado (traditional portuguese music) was born in Mouraria, a place that keeps alive their ancient traditions, confirmed by the existence of several fado houses, bars, taverns and cultural communities.

Originated in the 16th century, Bairro Alto is today one of the liveliest places in town, with bars, restaurants and trendy shops. It’s a place of reference for nightlife, relaxation and socializing.

Chiado is one of the most popular place as well with all sorts of shops, facilities and street entertainment. Where you will find hotels, theatres, bookshops, coffee shops, restaurants and museums. On the 25th of august 1988, Chiado was devastated by a huge fire and even though there are still some scars of that fire, a renovation programme has brought Chiado back to life.

In Bica, another historical bairro of Lisboa, “elevador da bica” (Bica’s lift -1892) , passes between the houses on a street where the sidewalks are narrow staircase. The iconic lift creaks up and down the hill while tourists take pictures framed with colorful houses and the river on the horizon.

Baixa, or downtown of Lisboa, is the heart of the city. It’s the main shopping and banking district that stretches from the riverfront to the main avenue (Avenida da Liberdade). Avenida da liberdade is an important tourist attraction of the city. Famous nationally for hosting numerous luxury brands like ,Chanel, Versace, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, etc. Baixa, it was completely rebuilt after the Great Earthquake of 1755 with streets flanked by uniform buildings, elegant squares, pedestrianized streets. This was Europe’s first great example of urban planning and one of the best European architectural achievements of the age . You can not miss the opportunity to travel in Santa justa’s lift and enjoy the most beautiful views of the city.