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Fotografia: Daniel Rocha

Fotografia: Daniel Rocha

Carmo Terraces in Chiado were inaugurated this month in the 10th of June, Day of Portugal, Camões and the Portuguese Communities.

The recovery and rehabilitation of this area after the fire of 1988 allows the pedestrian link between Garrett Street and the ruins of the Carmo convent.

With the conclusion of this work, is completed the plan architect Siza Vieira developed for the Chiado area affected by the fire. Initially it was just designed a link between Rua Garrett and the Convento do Carmo but in 2007, with the entry of Manuel Salgado, the idea of “one more square, more a public space” on the terraces, that until there were occupied with “barracks” of GNR, took shape according to the Councillor for Urbanism of the Câmara Municipal of Lisbon.

This new hanging garden and overlook brings to Lisbon a new space for viewing and leisure that allows better access to Baixa.