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The Majestic accompanies the entire recent history of Porto, the years of political gatherings and discussion of ideas through the “Belle Époque” to the present day.

Opened on December 17, 1921, with the name “Elite” and located at No. 112 Santa Catarina street, one of the most central locations in the city of Porto, from the beginning this cafe became a meeting place of the most famous townspeople.

Since Parisienne culture and glamour were the reference in the 20s, one year after its opening the café changes to a new name – Majestic – to attract more customers.

Majestic received very important clients over its more than 90 years, figures such as the aviator Gago Coutinho, Beatriz Costa, Jose Regio, Teixeira de Pascoaes, the presidents Mário Soares, Jorge Sampaio, Jacques Chirac and Cavaco Silva and well-known names of modern literature such as JK Rowling.

There was not much difference in the general atmosphere of several other cafés of Porto – socially and culturally distinct groups exchanging arguments around a cup of coffee or a notorious cup of absinthe.

Work of the architect João Queiroz, Majestic remains as one of the most beautiful and representative examples of Art Nouveau in the city of Porto.

The imposing marble facade with three shutters, elegantly adorned with various forms gives way to the inside, an Art Nouveau reference. In the rear we can enjoy the inside patio that connects the Santa Catarina street to Passos Manuel street.

From the 1960s, the transformation of the way of life has caused the decline of these establishments and the Majestic was no exception.

On January 24, 1983, due to its beauty and meaning to the city, was classified a Public Interest Building and “cultural heritage” of Porto. This made it possible to initiate a long recovery process that culminated in the reopening of the café in July 1994 with all its ancient splendor, an atmosphere of luxury, refinement and well-being.

Since then it has received numerous awards and distinctions as the “Silver Medal for Tourist Merit”, the “Municipal Merit Medal – Gold Grade” and the certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor. The Majestic Café has been considered as the sixth most beautiful café in the world by Ucityguides.com site.