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The Daily Meal, a website dedicated to cuisine and wines of the former CEO of Forbes.com, devoted a special article to Portuguese wine with the title “Drink More Wine Portuguese -5 reasons why Portugal should become your new favorite wine producer “.

In this article, the wine consultant Courtney Schiessl, highlights the following points:

– Value

The author refers the excellent quality to price ratio and gives the example of 2010 Esporão Reserva Tinto wine, whose price is about € 16/25$, considered a very good wine, worth so much more than the price tag.

– Unique, indigenous varieties

The Portuguese varieties that only exits in our country are mentioned as a point in favor. Castellan, Fernão Pires, Trincadeira, Antao Vaz are varieties that give Portuguese wines a unique constitution. Portugal’s most famous grape is Touriga Nacional, which is traditionally used in Port but also makes top-notch table wines smelling of blueberries and violets.

– Variety

Despite the small size of the country, Portugal have a variety of microclimates that allow us to produce various types of wine: white, red, rosé, fortified, green, sweet and more! There’s a Portuguese wine out there to please any and every wine drinker.

– Food-friendliness

Portuguese hospitality is often centered around a table, so it is unsurprising that Portuguese wines tend to be incredibly food-friendly. The wines are typically well-balanced, have excellent acidity, and, as previously mentioned, have a wide range of styles to match both local and international cuisines.

– Tradition meets modernity

Despite the modernization and constant innovation of the wine industry, Portugal remain connected to tradition. For example, the portuguese wine industry still uses foot-treading the grapes and it is this unique relationship between the traditional and the modern that allow us to have exceptional wines.

Read the full article in http://www.thedailymeal.com/drink-more-english-wine