If you are planning to visit Portugal , we recommend you to taste our famous custard tart . There are few things more delicious than a custard tart , the king of Portuguese sweets. This typical pastel, baked the first time in Lisbon , can be found in every Portuguese pastries .
this is a mouth-watering experience, this is a conventual sweet, like most of the best of Portuguese desserts is adored by almost all Portuguese , if not all !
The history of these pies dates back to the monks who lived at the Jerónimos Monastery, to fight their costs they begun to sell the product – lucky us because its distribution allowed “pasteis de nata” has arrived and prevailed until today!
For candy lovers is obligatory a passage to Belém , which states maintain the original recipe kept secret . What about ending the day savoring a “pastel de nata” , with its original recipe? For a break , or for a day at the end of the terrace , nothing better than take your custard tart with an express !
Is a delicious hint , not recommended for diabetics !