Memmo Alfama

Alfama has since the beginning of September a new “home for travelers”: the first and only hotel in the area, the Memmo Alfama, charming boutique hotel of 4 stars.
Very close to the Cathedral, is the gateway to the Merceeiras Lane, displaying a very unique wall. It is a work by Vhils (Alexandre Farto), renowned Portuguese artist on the theme of graffiti – a wall that marks the entrance to the alley with a (large) face of an Alfama resident.
Memmo is stands in an old courtyard, and the original building is of the 21st century. The main purpose was to keep the original facades of the building, being possible it’s full integration in the tradition and history of the neighborhood. It was considered the first major contemporary intervention in the historic center of Alfama.
Although the rooms are equipped with all the modern facilities: from the basic minibar, safe and air conditioning to the LED tv, iStation – for iphone, ipod, ipad – or wireless internet, this hotel is characterized by having the “spirit of a Portuguese house “.
In terms of food and drinks, the main choice is of “Portuguese Products and brands of high quality”, the wine bar is specialized in Lusitanian wines and the menu includes sandwiches, salads or snacks. At the first floor level but as a counter with a view to the neighborhood and the river, we have a panoramic pool, with the fado of Alfama as background music.
For the guests to feel more at home, there are several spaces worth mentioning: the living room, where you can borrow a book, or the fridge, where you can choose a snack or a drink at any time of the day. There is also the “intimate” area, the Lisbon Story, with all the relevant information to explore the city and a guide (Living Alfama) with tips from the neighborhood residents.