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World Heritage
Place: Alcobaça
Photo: Rui Cunha
Discover the best of Portugal with all its fine monuments, cities and its wonderful landscapes shaped by man down the centuries.
Make the sites selected by UNESCO as World Heritage become your pretext to visit this country.

Portugal covers such a varied range of natural habitats. There is the masterpiece we created out of the majestic Douro valleys. It was only thus that Port could be brought into the world.

We made Sintra a magical and mystical place in dotting its abundant vegetation with palaces and romantic gardens while out on the island of Madeira we tend forests millennia in age.

Out of intercultural exchange and mastery of the seas came the Manueline style that is unique to this land. In Lisbon, the point of departure for the Voyages of Discovery, the Monastery of Jerónimos and the Tower of Belém stand proud as the finest symbols for this artistic architectural style.

Wander the historic centres of Guimarães, Porto, Évora or Angra do Heroísmo, all packed with the charm characteristic of Portuguese cities.

Stroll the Vale do Côa with its art gallery 25,000 years in the making or share the heritage of the Cister monks of the Abbey of Alcobaça.

By journey’s end, the discovery of such a rich and profound culture is sure to leave you deeply impressed.

Jerónimos Monastery
Place: Lisboa
Photo: Rui Cunha
The Jerónimos Monastery is a magnificent monument marking the high point of Portuguese art in the century of the Discoveries.
Tower of Belém
Place: Belém, Lisboa
The Tower of Belém stands on the former beach at Restelo, point of departure for naus and caravels on voyages to discover the Oceans.
Batalha Monastery
Place: Batalha
Photo: João Paulo
Discover one of the most fascinating Gothic monuments in Europe.
Convent of Christ
Place: Tomar
Photo: João Paulo
UNESCO has classified this unique monument as a World Heritage site. It is a symbol of both Western history and the history of Portugal.
Place: Évora
Photo: João Paulo
Standing out against the skyline of the Alentejo plain, Évora retains the splendour of a royal city.
Alcobaça Monastery
Place: Alcobaça
Photo: João Paulo
Visit the monastery of Santa Maria de Alcobaça, an architectural masterpiece.
Place: Sintra
Photo: Rui Cunha
Visit the magical town of Sintra, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
Place: Porto
Photo: Rui Cunha
Take a seat on a café terrace in Gaia, right by the cellars maturing casks of Port, and surrender to the imposing character of this city.